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Sedute Vintage creates completely renewed salvaged one of a kind chairs. It produces funky, unique, environmental friendly seatings from salvaged vintage chairs making them stylish and modern in an unconventional way. Customers can enjoy the transparency of the reupholstering process through a postcard-size photographic report. Buying a Sedute Vintage chair not only means investing in quality furniture, but also represents an environmental conscious choice. Vintage furniture aficionados and eccentric and eclectic enthusiasts will be able to make a statement in the interior decor of their house or place of  business by simply adding a piece from Sedute Vintage’s collection.

Reuse. Think salvaged chairs.



A side of me has a ruling passion with renewing the old. Repurposing the new. Hunting for bargains. Flea markets. DIY. Power tools. Making stuff. PROJECTS. This is how I came across upholstering. This is why I upholster. I spend time with these vintage chairs. I study them, I get a feeling for them. Then, I strip them down to their bare bones. I clean them, disassemble them when necessary, glue them back together. I add missing parts or I simply leave them out. I raise the seats if required, I sand the wood a lot or just a little. I let the metal shine through. I may paint them. In some cases, in many cases, these vintage seatings may still have small imperfections and show the signs of time. They are then given a new life once paired with the right fabric creating one of a kind pieces.

This is my journey to reclaim and renew pre-loved chairs.

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