Tub chair

Tub chair      Poltroncina a pozzetto
Tub chair Poltroncina a pozzettotub chair2SIDEVIEW white_portfoliotubchair sedutevintage_portfolio

Phew. What can I say….I am really surprised about how it turned out. I really got discouraged when I started taking the chair apart. Well, not the chair per se, but the layers of fabric and the cotton batting and the webbings made of jeans (a first timer) and what appeared to be hay… and all the remains of microscopic organisms that had once inhabitated the chair. It’s all new now (you can bet on that) except for the wooden frame, of course!

Psychedelic fabric with tufted buttons both for the front and the sides – gold chenille jacquard with tufted buttons for the back. Nailhead trim all around. A keeper!


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